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June 2021

September 2019


Events organised by or contributed to by the Jean Monnet Chairholder 20190105 “Legal and Institutional Construction of the European Union” – Inaugural Seminar of the Lecture Series of the Moon Chun Memorial College, [...]

Jean Monnet Seminars – 2018/2019

201811143 Jean Monnet Seminar on “Gaps of UNCLOS and BBNJ and the Way Forward” – with Prof. Qin Tianbao, from Faculty of Law, University of Wuhan, China 20181214 Jean Monnet Seminar on [...]

Conferences – convenor

Conferences – convenor: 20190923-24 Early Academics on International and European Union Environmental Law Organisation: Jean Monnet Chair ‘European Union Law in the Global Context’, Faculty of Law, University of Macau and Faculty [...]

Conferences – participation

Conferences – participation: 20181026-27 What: XIII Coloquio Luso-Espanol de Profesores de Derecho Administrativo ‘Instrumentos Juridico-Administrativos de Cooperacion entre Espana y Portugal en la Gestion de los Recursos Naturales’ Organisation: Associação Luso-Espanhola de [...]

May 2019

Jean Monnet Seminar : The European Union in the World

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